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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wednesday Twentieth - Goodbye Sarah Jane

Hey there Blog. This will probably end up as a really short post, as I am kind of tired and don't want to be on the laptop too long.

It's been another hot, sunny day down here, which means I didn't move too much. I did some work on my essay due after Easter, watched some TV, read down in the summer house and watched some more TV with my boyfriend.

The one thing I do want to talk about is Elizabeth Sladen. You may or may not know that she has died recently, in the last twenty-four hours. I found out this morning. She is most known for playing Sarah Jane Smith from Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures. I adore her. I fell in love with her when she came back on 'School Reunion', then I watched her on Sarah Jane Adventures. She is/was an amazing actress and will be missed terribly by her friends, family and fans.

Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith. We'll miss you <3

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