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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tuesday Fifth - university life

Just the fact that I am here writing, when I had university today, says something about my dedication. Or at least it says something about my stubbornness.

Yes, anyway, I had university today. I had to be on campus for nine, which of course means I will be there at twenty to. I don't mind Tuesdays because I finish quite early but I also start early. I don't live on campus. I don't even live in the same city. I catch a fifeteen minute train from my town one stop over, then wait ten minutes, get on the bus and then half an hour later, I am finally on campus. Explaining this makes me realise how much of my time I spend travelling. And it's not even the fun kind, where I get to look forward to a new and/or exotic place to visit. No, I just arrive in the middle of no where, where our campus is located between fields. Fun times, huh?

Now, because I have nothing else to talk about, I am going to go through my day. Interesting stuff ahead, guys! Not.

From 9 til 11, I had a history seminar (I take history in this first year as a secondary subject - I'm droping it next year to focus on English) in which I sat and took notes while the third group in our class presented their presentation. This week it was the East End. On the plus, I did learn alot about organised crime and realised i can't do a cockney accent. Then I had a two hour break, in which my friend Sarah and I did random quiz's on facebook and then had lunch. At 1, I had an English lecture, in which I nearly fell asleep because they blabbed on about Ulysses which is quite possibly the world's most boring yet enlightening book. To summerise, it is about one day in Dublin. Yes, one day, where some guy talks to another guy who's wife is having an affair. And that is the most interesting plot line. The rest is just some people shaving and walking to work and sitting in an outhouse. Gripping stuff, clearly.

Right now, it is only ten past 4, I've been home for an hour and I am already bored enough to think about dinner time. Nah, I will sit on my bed, snacking on Dolly Mix and go play Minecraft. See you tomorrow!

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  1. That Ulysses lecture definitely was painful, wasn't it? I have my core seminar on it 5 'til 7 as well today. :(