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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wednesday Sixth - fruit pastels

Short post today, as I am tired. I have been on campus all afternoon, although I didn't do anything too strenuous. I had a tutorial to get an essay back and I got 53%. It's still a pass but I knew I hadn't done well when I was writing it. Oh well, thank God first year doesn't count!

We had our seminar outside today. That was nice, apart fom getting attacked by flies. The sun was out, the wind was strong (which did not agree with my skirt) and it could not be more different than yesterday. As my friend Charlotte said "It just shows what a difference a day makes." She could not be more right.


I literally have nothing else to say. I'm sorry, Blog. I am still getting the hang of BEDA, so hopefully I will think of some more interesting topics to write about rather than my day.

One thing I do want to say though: Sophie, enjoy your fruit pastels! Love you and am extremely jealous of your sweets.

See you tomorrow, Blog!

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  1. :D Love you too. And, thanks, I am enjoying my fruit pastels right now!