"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" ~Albus Dumbledore

Sunday, 30 December 2012

A Year To Review

2012 has been a pretty big year for me. It was the Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, my 21st birthday, I started my book blog, I joined twitter and thus made a load of new online friends. I had two summer holidays, Pottermore came out and I started my third and final year of university.

So yeah, big year.

I'm not quite sure where to begin! My year started at my boyfriends and is actually going to end at my boyfriends, because I'm staying for another new year party after we watch The Hobbit on Monday. Anyway, I attended lectures, bitched about my tutors a little, felt rubbish for a while after realising I hadn't accomplished much, spent Valentines Day ill with a cold - how romantic - struggled through my two exams in May and finally finished second year. Oh and I wrote quite possibly my favourite blog post from one of the funniest classes I've ever had right here about ultimate classmates.

Over the summer, I watched loads of great new movies, like Ice Age 4 and Ted and Dark Shadows. The Olympic Torch went through my town the morning of my final exam! My family and I spent the day in London getting absolutely drenched to watch the Jubilee Pageant. At the end of July, the family packed up the car and drove down to the Dordogne for a week, which was really fun. Then a month later I went to Cornwall with my boyfriend and his family.

I remember I spent September buying all my new books for university and trying to get a head start on reading - that didn't work as well as planned! The final week of September I sneakily moved around my timetable so that I had classes with my friends. Then it was back to work - thrown right in the deep end with essays and reading and prep work. Not to mention my dissertation - eeep!

Then it was my 21st birthday. We went to see The Lion King, which was epic; went clubbing for the first time which was cool and a little scary; got proper drunk which was hilarious. And got a kindle!

I've also read some really cool books this year, which I summarised rather nicely on my book blog, if you're interested.

So that's where I stand now, about to start the new year worrying about how little work I've done over Christmas and how much I've got to do these next few months. How about you? Had a good year or can you not wait until 2013? Until next time!

Friday, 12 October 2012

King of Lions and Reaching Adulthood

Apologises for, once again, abandoning this blog to live life and breathe air and... hang on, have I stolen that from something?

Anyway, I wanted to do a write up last week because my family and I went to see The Lion King at Bristol Hippodrome - it was awesome! I'm sure most of the English-speaking world has seen that play but if not? Go see it! Right now! It is incredible! The puppets and the songs and the dances - oh wow. Seriously, I have so many great things to say about this show but do not have the time to list them all.

In other news, I have started my third and final year of university - scary or what? As it's only the third week, the work load isn't too bad, just a crap-load of reading and prep to do. Plus my dissertation. Eeeep! So, I'm sure you'll forgive me when I say that this blog is taking a back seat, even more than usual, for the foreseeable future.

And, finally, it is my 21st birthday next week. I'm really excited, even though I'm getting old. Last night, some of my uni friends took me out clubbing, admittedly for the first time, which was really fun. I got just a little drunk, also for the first time - I know, I've led such a sheltered life! - which Sophie in particular found hilarious, apparently. We went dancing, collapsed in bed around 2 with seriously aching feet, and I slept awful, considering how exhausted I was! I have a cold, you see. Mother thinks I 'caught a chill'. I, meanwhile, was not aware that I had been transported back to 1856 without my shawl.

Anyway, I am recovering from my "wild" night out by watching QI on iplayer and eating chocolate fingers in bed. I have a ton of reading to do for next week; even though it's my birthday I still have to work. How unfair is that!

Until next time!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Angels Take Manhattan

The final episode with the Ponds. I was actually nervous watching this - I wanted it to be spectacular and heart-felt and brilliant. Luckily, it was all that and more. 

First off, the story itself was rather fantastic: New York, the city that never sleeps, has been taken over by the Weeping Angels, moving statues on every street and one very nervous mob-boss (I'm assuming), who employs anyone with information on them. Which would be a good idea, considering he has one locked up behind a curtain.

In comes River, with her time-and-space knowledge and the back-up of knowing the Doctor will be there to save them. I liked River in this episode, she wasn't trying too hard and actually showed some proper emotion that she doesn't very often because she is tough and cannot give away spoilers. 

The Doctor was also just amazing in this one. He doesn't like endings, not even in books, and Matt Smith can really pull off that haunted, hurt look that makes my heart break. On the other hand, he was fantastically vain checking his appearance before going out to see River!

I cannot even begin to explain my love for Amy and Rory. There were so many cute little moments between them that made me realise how perfect they are for each other. My heart broke and I cried for the last ten minutes and I can't decide whether it was a sad happy ending, or a happy sad ending. I could go on and on about their relationship summarised in this episode, just how much it hurt to see Rory try to sacrifice himself for Amy (my heart was in my throat for that bit!) and how Amy gave up her live with the Doctor for Rory.

Right. The Angels Take Manhattan was an amazing episode, bloody scary but also full of love. It couldn't have been a more perfect ending for the Ponds, allowing them to stay and live together, even though it broke the Doctor's hearts that he could not see them again. But, I think it would have been worse if they had died in the line of duty. Even though the Doctor had to leave them, he gets the minimal assurance that they lived a full and happy life. 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Daleks and Dinosaurs

Oh, hey. This is awkward. So! I've been a bit busy. Not that anyone really pays much attention to me. I've been wanting to write about Brave, went to see that a few weeks ago - it was epic! Should also have written about the new series of Doctor Who... actually, I might do that now!

Asylum of the Daleks premièred last week - it was an amazingly fresh Dalek episode. I practically had enough of them after the Power Ranger Dalek episode last year. Know what I'm talking about? I shall find you a picture!

There, see? Wubbish! Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah - I spent a lot of the episode confused as to whether Oswin was the new companion or not. Turns out she is! Spoiler alert, I think the Doctor's going to save her before she crashes. Not much of a spoiler, is it? That's how it's going to have to happen, because he sure as hell ain't travelling with a confused Dalek-girl! I did love her though. 'You guys could fence!'

It was a really good episode, funny and new and sweet and a little sad, but come on. The Doctor was going to fix Amy and Rory. Duh.

Onto Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. This had to be a great episode. I didn't want any messing around, not with Mark Williams and Rupert Graves guest-staring. And luckily, it was! Full of flirting and weird father/son moments and awesome Amy moments. Plus a pet dinosaur and an Egyptian queen! A great filler episode, just a random one-off adventure that we don't see very often anymore.

What else is new? I've read about 20 books this summer, been reviewing quite frequently, pretty proud of myself actually! Even got some books straight from the publisher! Oh yeah.

I'm not going back to university for another few weeks, so am getting pretty bored lately. I've started reading some books for uni - oh! Want to know what I'm studying this year? Of course you do. Right, four modules, entitled: In Search of America, Women's Writing, Gothic Revivals, and Literary London. First three focus on quite modern novels and poetry, so that's good. Literary London looks at 16th/17th century stuff that I can't always understand but I really like the teacher, so I'll manage.

I think I've bored you all enough for the time being. Sorry I'm losing focus on this blog, I'm really getting into my book-blogging and don't really have much to say on my personal one anymore. Or least, nothing that would be appropriate or entertaining. So, I'll just leave it with: until next time!

Holy crap this is my 100th post! I had to come back and edit this in, I hadn't noticed! Don't really know what to say, it's not like I need to write an acceptance speech. Bit of a crappy 100th post though, huh? Ah well. At least I've got this Indiana Jones hat my boyfriend just put on my head.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

France and Teddy Bears

Hello there! Yes, I have returned from holiday, not very well tanned and with a cold. Because only I can go holidaying in France and come back with a cold. Typical.

Anyway, it was a lovely holiday - the house we rented was quite pretty, if a little old and covered in spiders. It was atop a hill that overlooked part of the Dordogne valley, which was gorgeous. We hit most of the local highlights: Rocamadour, the town and château clinging to a cliff face (a very long walk to the top, mind!); Sarlat with its awesome market and lovely cathedral; Martel, another market town and it had seven towers. No idea why, just had seven towers dotted around the town; and Beynac, a medieval castle and stronghold with a wicked view of the river and surrounding area.

All in all, a good family holiday. Most likely the last one abroad for a while, as us kids are getting older. But definitely worth the two day drive down there!

I'm afraid I don't have many funny stories to tell, because most of them are sort inside jokes with our family and because I can't remember them! It was a week ago! But let's just say that my parents and little brother are pretty awesome and really funny, if slightly disgusting.

So, the other thing I wanted to talk to you about was Ted. You know, the movie? Yeah, boyfriend and I went to see it last night and it was hilarious! Typical of Seth MacFarlane's writing, it was quite similar to Family Guy, but a little more plot-driven.

The story was basically that this little boy wished to have a best friend, his teddy bear came to life and they're still best friends at 35. Mark Wahlberg isn't moving on in life, his girlfriend Mila Kunis makes him choose between her and Ted, Ted gets bearnapped by this creepy guy and his kid, and all's well that ends well. Yeah, I didn't explain that very well, did I? Well then you will have to go see it to get it! Trust me, it was so funny!

Well, now I have to go order books for my course - why they make us buy the most expensive editions I have no idea! Until next time.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Days Of Summer

Oh hi! Another month, another crappy attempt at keeping you updated with my life. This time it is no university keeping me occupied but books. Lots and lots of books. And TV and writing and just general laziness. Well, that last may not be true (who am I kidding, it totally is!) because it's not that I haven't bothered writing a post, it's that I haven't had anything to write about.

It's been a lazy month. I've been shopping, been to the cinema a few times, met up with friends, did more shopping, ate quite a bit and read a lot. I think this is the most I've ever read in such a short period of time! I'm actually really impressed with myself! Of course it does mean that I have to try really hard to keep up with reviews.

So, the real reason I'm writing today is that I'm going on holiday tomorrow. I'll be gone a week and a bit, not that anyone will really miss me, and wanted to write before it was August. I'm going away with my family, probably for the last time as my brother and I are getting older, and we are staying in a house in the Dordogne, an area in south-west France. We're driving, because me and mum hate to fly, so it's going to take us two days to get down there! Hot really looking forward hours on end in the car, but I'm definitely looking forward to being able to have a bath and my own room!

That probably needs an explanation. If you can remember, or if you've actually read my past entries, we normally go away in a motorcaravan. But this year, we downgraded so our new one only sleeps two: mum and dad. Thus, we are renting a property and I don't have to walk across a campsite to have a shower. That will be a welcome change.

Actually, that's practically the only thing I'm looking forward to on this holiday. Sure, the castles and château's we'll end up going to will be cool, but I'm really going to miss my boyfriend. And don't give me all that 'it's only a week, man up!' crap, I've had all that from my dad. But we've been together over 5 years, I think I'm allowed to miss him while I'm abroad!

This has turned into quite a ramble, hasn't it? I think I'll stop there. I'm sure that I'll have some interesting stories to tell when I get back. Until next time!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ice Age 4

Last night, my boyfriend and I, plus some of our friends, went to see Ice Age 4, like the mature adults we are. I had high hopes for this film, I wanted it to be really good. And, of course, it was awesome! How do they manage to keep up the great story lines after 4 movies? Incredible!

The basic story of this one is that Scrat causes the continents to shift and Manny gets separated from Ellie and Peaches. On an ice-ship, Manny, Sid and Diego float around on the ocean, find Sid's granny hiding in a tree (don't ask) and encounter a pirate ship. After getting tied up and a nice sing-song to introduce everyone, they escape, majorly pissing off the Monkey Captain in the process because they broke his ship. Thus the main plotline: getting stalked by Monkey Captain, actual name Captain Gutt, who has sworn revenge on Manny and everything he loves. You can see where this is going, can't you?

The pirate crew was awesome: a little violent rabbit, an idiot seal voiced by Nick Frost, a badger that doubles as the pirate flag and a gorgeous white sabre called Shira. She was brilliant and tough and loyal, even though her captain was a... bad word. Of course, Diego was instantly interested. I've been saying since the second one that Diego needs a girl, and they finally listened! But I do have to mention, the siren scene - oh my God, that was hilarious!

Peaches is all grown up now. Voiced by Keke Palmer, which I did not get until the credits, she is a typical teenage girl embarrassed by her over-protective father. Even though she has terrible taste in men, I really liked her.  Quickly, I will mention that the group of mammoths she hangs out with are really annoying and once of the girls is voiced by Nicki Minaj, which is actually pretty funny.

Ok, I don't want to give too much away, because the film kind of wanders off from what the trailer suggests; as in, it is more complicated than that. But, finally, I will say that it is just as good, if not better, than its predecessors', and that I can't remember the last time I laughed so much at a film. Embrace your inner child and go see this film!