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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Thursday Fourteenth - 6 facts

Today has been a boring day, as I did not have to go onto campus at all today! Yay!

So instead of talking to you about my day, which was really quite boring and normal, I am going to do a random '30 days' day: Write 6 interesting facts about yourself. So, here goes.

  1. I have only recently become a certified nerd. I have been an avid reader of Harry Potter since my eleventh birthday and fan of Doctor Who since 2005 but it has only been in the last few years that I have gained the confidence to be who I am. I also like Red Dwarf, Pokemon, YA books and a few other not-so-nerdy type things like the Morganville series and Glee.  
  2. I have a Gothic mind set. Graveyard poetry appeals to me. I adore dark romance, gothic architecture, I am ridiculously open-minded, I'm drawn to Wicca etc. I don't think you have to dress all in black lace and purple ribbon (even though I love that clothing) or to like all the post-punk goth music to be Goth. That said, I hate labels and will not label myself as a Goth, especially since I don't look like one.
  3. In spite of this, I am a giggly and hugging type of person.
  4. I have an idiot for a boyfriend. No real need for an explanation. But I do still love him.
  5. I feel more at home writing than I do talking some times. With writing, I have a chance to stop and think about what I want to have floating on the page. With talking, my mouth runs ahead of my head and I end up making a fool of myself. Which, not so surprisingly, happens quite often.
  6. I love watching crime drama but I can't read it. Totally addicted to NCIS and Bones but for the life of me, I cannot read crime novels. My parents love them, so they are always around the house. Maybe I'll try again over the summer...
So, that was fun! It actually took me way longer to think of those, which probably shows how limited the interesting is in my life. Oh well. See you tomorrow!

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