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Friday, 22 April 2011

Friday Twenty-second - sleepover tales

A group of nineteen year old's having a sleepover? Sad, right? Wrong. Well no, probably right but we did it anyway!

Yesterday I told you I would hopefully have some interesting stories to tell. Well, I do but I'm probably not going to tell them all a) because this is the internet and b) I have a headache and can't be bothered. On the note, let's begin.

Yesterday afternoon I went round my friend Rose's house for dinner, my three other friends turning up later in the evening. We watched some Merlin, Doctor Who, ate pizza and strawberry laces and generally caught up, as we hadn't seen one another in about a month.

One highlight of the evening with Alex making up some rules for a Doctor Who drinking game. (Notes: Alex is a boy but hangs out with us so much he's practically one of the girls and in England we can legally drink at 18) We watched an old episode, one with the seventh Doctor and Ace, which was really good. But, I got too caught up in the story and therefore missed all the cues, such as yelling "drop down and give me twenty" when the fitness instructor came on screen and standing up and pretend-tipping a hat when the Doctor did it. This led to me drinking my drink way too quickly and giving up within about 15 minutes (I'm a bit of a sore loser). It was really funny though.

This morning, I was awake way too early because of my stupid body clock always waking me up at 7, so I was fussing the cats for an hour while waiting for everyone else to wake up - then I gave up and got myself breakfast. Jordi is not a morning person and was extremely grumpy when I woke her up climbing over her to get to the door. She and Alex had a pillow fight because... well, who knows? Probably because Alex was trying to wake her up.

It has been another lovely and ridiculously hot, sunny day today so we spent the morning in the park on the swings and playing badminton - badly. We ate Fabs and more pizza, and watched National Treasure 2. It was a good sleepover.

Now, I am home, I am trying not to fall asleep and I am suffering from light hayfever. But now I must go, I am going to watch Angel that I missed this morning. So, until tomorrow!

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