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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Saturday Sixteenth - horoscopes and zodiacs

I have a little thing for horoscopes. I don't completely abide by their wisdom, word for word, I just like reading them. Sometimes they are reasonably accurate, in a vague kind of way, sometimes they are hilariously wrong.

Today's horoscope for me, courtsey of Daily Horoscopes dot com, is thus:
Your physical appearance seems to have been buffed or polished overnight. Complements are many today and people are not quite sure what, if anything, you have changed. Your energies are high and you look forward to seeing particular people or just being where you are in your life at this time. You could be most persuasive with others because your thinking is of the highest form and you will not have to audit what you say. This situation is a natural for self-expression and when it is your turn to speak many people will listen. Outer circumstances tend to work in your favor. Take advantage of the gradual metamorphosis that is taking place within you now and get to know the adventurer and achiever that is inside of you.
Now, overnight I have broken out in spots/bitemarks on my legs. Check to physical appearance changing. Compliments? Meh, not really. High energy? I am exhausted and the only energetic thing I did today was walk from my boyfriend's house to mine - 15 minutes. Look forward to seeing people? Yeah, my family came home from holiday today, it was nice to have them back. Thinking of the highest form? I have literally no idea what this person is on about! Self-expression? The most self-expressing thing I have done today is this: write in my blog!

So, yeah, some right, some wrong, some waaaay off!

Another thing is your zodiac. I am a Libra and for the most part, what they say about me is fairly true. Apparently, Libra's are dipolmatic, graceful, peaceful, hospitable, superficial, indecisive and unreliable. Now, as a Libra, I can say that I am hardly graceful and reasonably dipolmatic as I hate arguments. I wouldn't say I am unreliable, I think I am quite reliable, when I remember to be! And indecisive? If I was indecisive, I would never have asked out my boyfriend!

Some of Libra's traits that apply to me are being social, a little bit lazy, independant, likes the unusual, good instincts, have a hard time saying 'no' to people, being too nice and creatively intelligent.

So, what you do think of horoscopes and zodiac predictions Blog? And readers, if there are any? Until next time! Well, tomorrow.

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  1. I love reading my horoscopes because sometimes they are disasterously wrong and other times spot on. It really does amuse me to compare them to my day!