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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday 3rd - Mothers Day

Good morning and happy Mothers Day, English people! I say that because I believe America has a different day for Mothers Day because ... they can.

It is currently 10:55am and I have already given my mummy her present, watched an episode of NCIS and Bones, read half of my book and edited and uploaded a video to YouTube! What an exciting life I lead! Alright, you can stop with the raised eyebrows and giggles. This Mothering Sunday is to be spent quietly with my family. Essentially the only thing we have planned is that I am cooking lunch, which should be interesting (and possibly a disaster). But, if it all fails, I can say with confidence that dessert will be a success. This is because it is chocolate pudding and it is in its very nature to be messy. If puddings could have a nature that is.

According to Google, it is also the 119th anniversary of the first documented ice cream sundae. Now, if that is not a speical occassion, I don't know what is! Apparently the celebration of an ice cream dessert with sprinkles on warrents its own Google doodle, but hey, I've seen weirder ones. Anyway, it appears that the ice cream sundae came into excistence when Chester Platt served church minister John Scott some ice cream at his pharmacy’s day and night “Soda Fountain”.

While searching for more information, I have just encountered the official website for the ice cream sundae, which is apparently "dedicated to supporting and respecting the convivial traditions of the fountain and celebrating the pleasures of the Ice Cream Sundae in everyday life." Now that is, umm... dedication. With a dash of creepy.

Now, I believe it is time to sign off, as I need to figure out when to put the gammon in the oven so we can eat on time. See you tomorrow!

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