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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday Seventeenth - not so lazy Sunday

Hello Blog. It has been a fairly eventful Sunday and by that I mean I actually left the house.

This morning, my grandparents came over for a visit, which was nice as I haven't seen them in a few weeks. This afternoon I kind of guilt-tripped my boyfriend into coming outside with me. You see, he is a computer nerd and burns in the sun if he steps out of the front door. But I complained enough that we met up with his friend Dave and went into town and bought some food (and ice lollies) and sat in the park. By chance, we bumped into some of my friends from sixth form and they tagged along with us. We sat in the park for three hours; I have only just come back for dinner.

The thing with my friends is that we are all slightly or really insane, which makes public outings both hilarious and embarrassing. Alex and Dave had a fight with plastic bottles, the boys made obscene* comments at other people, usually ones who couldn't hear us, and we all had about 4 Fab's each. We watched a group of teenage boys play Frisbee really bad at the other end of the park. We watched three kids kick a football into a tree and then fail at climbing to get it - that was hilarious.

All in all, a good day. It made me really miss my friends as they have bogged off to all corners of the country, but it's Easter holidays so they have come home, hopefully meaning I can meet up with them in the next few weeks.

Until tomorrow.

*and by that I mean swear words or just random stuff really loudly.

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