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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Thursday Seventh - chocolate and ice lollies

Good evening Blog! It has been a gloriously sunny day in my part of the country, which means I walked around today in shorts, tank top and dolly shoes. Good stuff.

As I only had a lecture in the afternoon, my Mummy took me shopping in our Outlet Village. It was really nice to spend the morning with her, as I even though I still live at home, I don't spend that much time with my family due to my workload. I didn't buy anything, as I have no money to spend, but Mum did. We went to Costa, a coffe shop, for elevenses and Mum automatically asked for a chocolate twist. She has given up chocolate for lent. It took her moment, then she requested a blueberry muffin instead. I sighed at her forgetfulness but it has made me realise how I don't really think about what I eat. I really should pay attention to what food goes in my mouth, whether or not it's healthy or it will kill me quicker, but I don't. As a faily slim girl without any effort, I have grown lazy. (I'm going to stop myself here, otherwise I will go into a full blown healthy-eating rant) However, no matter how many times Dad has a go at me for not exercising enough, I will never give up my chocolate like my mother foolishly has.

To other news, my lecture this afternoon on the Cable Street Riot wasn't that fun. Not many people turned up and considering the lecture hall seats just over a hundred, it was entertaining to say that least to see only about 20 of us who actually bothered to show up. I can't really blame the people who didn't; the weather has been beautiful today around here and given the choice, I would have much rather been sunbathing.

To end a lovely day of out-of-season weather, my friend Sarah and I went into town after the lecture and got an ice lolly each. I got a few funny looks as I licked it on the train but it was worth it!

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