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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunday Twenty-Fourth - chocolate and the Doctor

Everyone having a good Easter Sunday so far? I'm assuming that's a yes. Good stuff.

Despite being nineteen and not having anyone in the house that's under the age of 15, we had an Easter egg hunt this morning. It was really fun. We nearly lost one, as the Easter bunny forgot where he put the last little one but it was discovered in the sitting room just before lunch. Anyway, I now have A LOT of chocolate. I'm probably still going to be eating it at Halloween!*

So, what did you guys think of Doctor Who last night? Spoiler alert by the way.

Although I was pretty confused and all about the astronaut at the beginning and the mindf*ck with the Doctor's "death", I really liked it. Hopefully, I'll like it more when I understand it after next weeks episode because I really hate cliffhangers.

Since I need to leave for my grandparents house for another egg hunt in about fifteen minutes, I will quickly list my thoughts for you:

  • River kind of annoyed me when she was being all high and mighty about spoilers and timelines
  • I did pick up on the Doctor's age inconsistency
  • I guessed that Amy was pregnant, then wasn't sure because River said she felt sick too, then knew Amy was pregnant anyway
  • my boyfriend thought Amy would say it was the Doctor's but I shushed him quickly
  • the girl's voice was a little bit creepy and I so did not expect her to be in the astronaut suit
  • I am assuming that the alien is The Silence - also, he looked like a dementor in the bathroom scene
  • Rory was a little bit too wimpy at the beginning but then I warmed up to him, even though this forgetfulness is really starting to creep me out 
  • Anyone else recognise the half-way built Tardis from 'The Lodger' in the tunnels?
  • I can't believe Amy shot her! I refuse to believe Amy shot her and actually killed her!
Ok, I think that's about it. It is now time for more chocolate and tea. See you tomorrow!

*Not likely though. I am a pig.

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  1. I guessed Amy's pregnancy as well, though I too refuse to believe she shot the girl. The Doctir would never forgive her!

    Oh, and Happy Easter!