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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wednesday Thirteenth - numerous fails

I am extremely tired. It's been one of those days where nothing seems to go right and it makes you think that you shouldn't have bothered getting out of bed in the morning. In summary, I had a lecture and two seminars today. The lecture wasn't that bad, just a little boring as I have minimal interest in the play we are studying. I snuck out the back early for a tutorial to get an essay back. I shouldn't have bothered. My tutor didn't have my essay, another tutor has probably got it in his lot of essays. Fail number one.

Fail number two was getting a chicken caesar wrap with bacon in it. I hate bacon. It tasted disgusting. On the plus side, I did also get a bag of giant chocolate buttons. Yummy.

I then had a seminar. In those two hours, all we did was discuss the six units we have already studied. Fail number three.

Last seminar of the day was only an hour long but it didn't finish until 6. Four of us, including me, turned up. It was a complete waste of time, hardly anyone talked, our tutor refused to let us go early. Fail number four.

Universal fail was the weather, as it has been raining all afternoon. This, along with the bitterly cold wind, has not helped my mood.

It has not been the best of days and I am incredibly glad I am home now and can go to bed. Good night.

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  1. Definitely a fail whale of a day. But I think it may have been that way for everyone today...