"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" ~Albus Dumbledore

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ultimate Classmates

My friend Sarah and I were feeling lonely yesterday in our seminar class. On a table of six, we were the only one's sat there. So, while we were waiting for our tutor to turn up, Sarah turned to me and said 'We don't need people to sit there, we can make some up!' And, pointing to the seat opposite her, she asked 'Who should sit there?' Without a moment's hesitation, I said 'Alan Rickman'. I have no idea what he could contribute to our seminar on 'The Woman in White' but I wanted him to sit with us.

This went on for a few minutes, getting funnier and more pathetic by the second, until we had a full table. Going anti-clockwise, starting with Sarah and then me, we had:
- Mary Shelley - we thought, as we were discussing the Gothic novel, we needed a Gothic author. Plus, we didn't want Horace Walpole, who kind of creeps me out
- Alan Rickman - for no other immediate reason then because I like him. Plus, we believe he would have something intelligent to say (more intelligent than us at least)
- Benedict Cumberbatch - I think he came up because we are currently obsessed with Sherlock and also because he has the most amazing voice. We both fantasised of him reading passages aloud from the novel
- Stephen King had to replace John Barrowman, as we felt John would not get on with Mary Shelley, due to his "extreme" personality. I originally wanted him to join us because with our tutor, we end up talking about sex or grave-diggers or other random topics that he thinks are relevant... anyway, I think John would find our talks hilarious.

And that's it. As the late-comers arrived, we actually found ourselves not wanting anyone to sit with us, as thy would take one of our imaginary guests away. During the hour's class, we did occasionally whisper to each other things like 'Imagine Benedict reading this out loud' or 'I don't think Mary Shelley would agree with that'.

Yeah, that is how sad and pathetic we are. Have any ideas who you would want to sit with you in class?

Anyway, I am spending this extra day of the year at university. I am currently in between classes and trying to write an essay on Joseph Andrews but failing miserably. Maybe that's because it's lunchtime? Hmm. Until next time!

Friday, 24 February 2012

or a Young Lady's Entrance into the World

I'm feeling the urge to write, even though I cannot spell, because I haven't in over a week. But to be honest, nothing that extraordinary has happened in the last week. If you will remember, I mentioned last time that I had a presentation. Well, that happened on Tuesday. It went alright, actually! Even though my hands shook, I didn't speak really fast and whiz through my part like I did in History last year!

Right now, I should probably be working on my essay, or at least reading the novel I need to finish by Monday, but I'm not. I am in fact at The Boyfriend's house. And apparently I am "tempting" him by lying on my stomach on the bed, typing this.

He wants me to add that he thinks I make a nice pillow. As he is currently drifting off on my back. Yes, before you ask, we are a very weird couple.

Yes, Cazz, last week's title was from Samuel Richardson - it's the alternate title to his first novel Pamela. See if anyone knows this one! Gosh, I am so imaginative with title's at the moment, aren't I?

Ok, I think that is enough rambling for now. I haven't written a very good post but I have at least let you guys know that I'm still around. So, until next time!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

or Virtue Rewarded

I'm sure I've whined about this before but I am ill. Again. And guess what? It's my reading week, university lingo for half term, which just figures. Why am I always ill in the holidays? It's like my body thinks 'Right, we've lasted how ever many weeks now of stress and work and essay writing. Never mind that you've still go work to do, we're giving up!'

Yeah, thanks a lot.

I've not had the best half term so far. Monday was my friend's funeral. I survived until Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture played during the curtain closing. I completely lost it. One of our friends also read V's speech, from V For Vendetta. It was his favourite film. Then we had the wake in our local Wetherspoon's. It was really nice to see all my old friends again - I haven't seen most of them since we finished sixth form two years ago! It just really sucks that it was because of this tragedy.

Oh and before I forget, thank you for your nice comments on my last post. Means a lot <3

Tuesday was Valentine's Day, of course. I had a really great day planned but my body betrayed me and I woke up with a cold so I spent the afternoon round my boyfriend's watching Hercules and Lilo and Stitch. On the plus side, well depending on how you look at it, I ate probably too much chocolate. Then Wednesday I spent most of the day in bed, watching Finding Nemo and Coraline. Have you seen that one? Incredibly weird. Not Nemo, Coraline! Typical Tim Burton.

Today, my cold has progressed to the point that if I blow my nose too hard, I get a nose bleed. Yeah, bet you wanted to know that, huh? That would be my father's genetics at work. However, I still have to work on my English presentation that my group have to give next Tuesday and guess what? I haven't got very far with my contribution.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have had enough work and am feeling the urge to watch Geordie Shore and eat custard creams. Until next time.

On a side note, if anyone knows the reference to my title, I will be shocked and amazed. There you go, a little challenge!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Who's That Girl?

Evening all. Today's post will be a little be rambling and sad in some places as I have some bad news as part of my update in Twitch-verse.

Since we last spoke, I have had really bad thoughts running through my head about life and my boyfriend and home and everything. Luckily, seeing The Boyfriend after a few days made pretty much all the bad thoughts go away - he's comforting like that. I still worry about the future but it doesn't feel so overwhelming anymore.

It was also The Boyfriend's birthday last week. He turned 20 - now he's old, like me! I got him a few CD's, a shirt, a book and a poster - Assassin's Creed, if you were wondering. Which I am willing to bet you weren't. We had lunch and watched 'Paul', which is just about the funniest and most awesome movie ever!

Then I got the bad news. One of my good friends from secondary school and sixth form - seven years - died last week in his house in Plymouth. I'm still not entirely sure how he died but I really miss him and I cried so much and now I am just trying to distract myself with normal life. It didn't work so well on Monday, when I got a major headache and nearly broke down in the middle of a seminar.

The day I found out, I went out and meet up with all my friends in Wetherspoons, as they were having a sort of meet-up slash memorial for him. I spent an hour or so reminiscing on all the things he did in school, setting fire to things, stealing the science equipment, piercing himself with safety pins. Yeah, he was like that sometimes but what I really loved about him, whether he liked it or not, was that he was a giant teddy bear. It makes me smile remembering him offering me his leather jacket when I was cold, even though we were inside!

Ok, I believe the sad part is over. I apologise for that, but I needed to write it down. Kind of cathartic, you know?

And I think I am just about done in the bog-standard update. Sorry it's kinda boring, but it is my life. Not always full of excitement! I know, it's hard to believe.