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Monday, 4 April 2011

Monday Fourth - dead mouth

Good morrow Blog! Actually, over here it's twenty to 1, but I don't know what 'afternoon' is in old English/moron speak.

Well, it's Monday. The beginning of a new week, start of the working week, often the most depressing day of the week. For me, it is still the weekend, as I have Monday's off from university. Which is nice. But this Monday is relatively packed - as in, I have left the house. Right now, I am sat on my boyfriend's bed, watching him play on the Xbox (again) and waiting for feeling to return to my mouth. Yeah, I've been to the dentist this morning for a filling, so one side of my mouth is completely numb. At lunchtime. Although my dentist said I could eat on the filling straight away, she did advise to wait for feeling to come back. Which I am doing, because if I try and eat, I just know it will end up dribbling out the corner of my mouth and I won't be able to tell. Thanks, but no thanks; my life is full of embarrassing moments without your help, dead mouth!

The only other thing of interest today is that Jordan (the boyfriend) and I have to walk and meet his little brother from school later today. Yeah, my life is just chocked full of amazing events. Not. On the positive, there is a high chance Jordan can buy me some food when we walk through the high street on the way back. Which, now that I think about, considering we will stop in Humbugs, the sweet shop, kind of defeats the point of going to the dentist this morning. Ah well, my life is full of contradictions like that. That's what makes it so fun!

So, that's pretty much it for now. Aren't you happy, Blog, that I am doing BEDA this year? Otherwise, you would never get this sort of opportunity to see all the interesting things that happen in my life! Alright you can stop laughing now.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I hate, hate hate dentists more than words can say. Mostly because there is needles, and they are in my mouth, and I just don't feel safe with them. :(