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Monday, 18 April 2011

Monday Eighteenth - travelling

Yet again, I blog from my boyfriend's bed while he sits on the computer. Only this time I have the added bonus of Red Dwarf on the Xbox.

Since I have minimal to talk about since the only exciting thing I have done today is watch 'Date Night', I am going to try another day task. Ah, here we go, day 13: Somewhere you'd like to move or visit.

I have always liked the idea of travelling around the world, seeing new places and visiting the wonders in both my own and other countries. Ideally, a few places I would love to go to are New York, Egypt, Hawaii, Paris, Australia, Berlin, Montreal, Venice, Washington DC, London, Athens, and...  God, loads more!

Growing up in a family that goes on holiday every summer and Easter, I am used to visiting castles, houses and gardens, old family mansions and dead famous people's homes. But that was as a family, with Dad wandering off by himself, Mum worrying over food and sun screen,and little brother getting lost. I dream of travelling with my friends or with my boyfriend, discovering this places by myself, not because Mum spotted a nice looking house in the guidebook.

Lately, I am also dreaming of driving around England with my boyfriend, going to places in my own country I haven't been before, like Devon and parts of Kent and up north. Of course, I can't drive and neither can he, so that dream will have to wait for a few years.

After university, I am thinking of travelling. After all that studying and exams and essays, I will need to shed my responsibilities and do what I want... right, I'd better start saving now!

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