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Thursday, 9 August 2012

France and Teddy Bears

Hello there! Yes, I have returned from holiday, not very well tanned and with a cold. Because only I can go holidaying in France and come back with a cold. Typical.

Anyway, it was a lovely holiday - the house we rented was quite pretty, if a little old and covered in spiders. It was atop a hill that overlooked part of the Dordogne valley, which was gorgeous. We hit most of the local highlights: Rocamadour, the town and ch√Ęteau clinging to a cliff face (a very long walk to the top, mind!); Sarlat with its awesome market and lovely cathedral; Martel, another market town and it had seven towers. No idea why, just had seven towers dotted around the town; and Beynac, a medieval castle and stronghold with a wicked view of the river and surrounding area.

All in all, a good family holiday. Most likely the last one abroad for a while, as us kids are getting older. But definitely worth the two day drive down there!

I'm afraid I don't have many funny stories to tell, because most of them are sort inside jokes with our family and because I can't remember them! It was a week ago! But let's just say that my parents and little brother are pretty awesome and really funny, if slightly disgusting.

So, the other thing I wanted to talk to you about was Ted. You know, the movie? Yeah, boyfriend and I went to see it last night and it was hilarious! Typical of Seth MacFarlane's writing, it was quite similar to Family Guy, but a little more plot-driven.

The story was basically that this little boy wished to have a best friend, his teddy bear came to life and they're still best friends at 35. Mark Wahlberg isn't moving on in life, his girlfriend Mila Kunis makes him choose between her and Ted, Ted gets bearnapped by this creepy guy and his kid, and all's well that ends well. Yeah, I didn't explain that very well, did I? Well then you will have to go see it to get it! Trust me, it was so funny!

Well, now I have to go order books for my course - why they make us buy the most expensive editions I have no idea! Until next time.

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