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Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Angels Take Manhattan

The final episode with the Ponds. I was actually nervous watching this - I wanted it to be spectacular and heart-felt and brilliant. Luckily, it was all that and more. 

First off, the story itself was rather fantastic: New York, the city that never sleeps, has been taken over by the Weeping Angels, moving statues on every street and one very nervous mob-boss (I'm assuming), who employs anyone with information on them. Which would be a good idea, considering he has one locked up behind a curtain.

In comes River, with her time-and-space knowledge and the back-up of knowing the Doctor will be there to save them. I liked River in this episode, she wasn't trying too hard and actually showed some proper emotion that she doesn't very often because she is tough and cannot give away spoilers. 

The Doctor was also just amazing in this one. He doesn't like endings, not even in books, and Matt Smith can really pull off that haunted, hurt look that makes my heart break. On the other hand, he was fantastically vain checking his appearance before going out to see River!

I cannot even begin to explain my love for Amy and Rory. There were so many cute little moments between them that made me realise how perfect they are for each other. My heart broke and I cried for the last ten minutes and I can't decide whether it was a sad happy ending, or a happy sad ending. I could go on and on about their relationship summarised in this episode, just how much it hurt to see Rory try to sacrifice himself for Amy (my heart was in my throat for that bit!) and how Amy gave up her live with the Doctor for Rory.

Right. The Angels Take Manhattan was an amazing episode, bloody scary but also full of love. It couldn't have been a more perfect ending for the Ponds, allowing them to stay and live together, even though it broke the Doctor's hearts that he could not see them again. But, I think it would have been worse if they had died in the line of duty. Even though the Doctor had to leave them, he gets the minimal assurance that they lived a full and happy life. 

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