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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

You want to stear but I'm shifting gears

Holy crap it's October! Double holy crap, university has started in full swing! You know what that means? Probably not. To me, that means that the pressure is on, the work load will start to mount up, reading is already something I am beginning to dread and student services screw us over.

Seriously, the timetable is something that surely they would have organised by now, seeing as we are technically two weeks into the term. I mean, come on, they had all summer! But no! They have to completely bugger it up and split some modules in half when they shouldn't be, give some students two tutors instead of the normal one, and then, give some of us completely new timetables just when we had wrapped our head around the first one.

Oh yeah, I got a new timetable this afternoon. Even though I knew where I was this morning, I went into my classroom knowing I was supposed to be there and after all the confusion of different seminars timetabled, I was ok. Because I was supposed to be there. So when my tutor emailed us all to check and see if student services had updated our timetable, I didn't think I had anything to worry about.

NO! I was moved! They took my day off, where I would have had a long weekend and put my seminars there instead!

Ok, so really, I don't have much to complain about. Yeah, it's confusing because now I need to remember different rooms and times but, as The Boyfriend pointed out, I now have the same day off as him now, which is nice. Also, I come in later than originally timetabled, which is awesome. The only thing, well two things actually, is I now don't know who my teacher will be or who will be in my class. And I am no longer with my best friend anymore :( That sucks.

Anyway, with that out the way, let's move on. First week back at uni going well apart from that little hiccup. I've only had two of my five new classes so far. I have two brand new modules tomorrow which I am looking forward to but am also kind of nervous: I don't know who else will be there. Plus, it's my longest day tomorrow: 9 until 6, with a 5 hour gap in between. Yeah, student services, why couldn't you change that around a bit?

I believe you are due a Doctor Who finale post, which I had kind of forgotten about until now (sorry about that). I will get right on that. And by that I mean, you will be lucky to get one at the weekend. So until then, goodbye and wish me luck! <3

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  1. aww,i know timetables suck:(!! was realy looking forward to being in the same class as my bestie to:(,wish u all the luck in world!in the rest of yr classes:):),at least we still hv the lectures and can meet up in the week in general lots:)!!!
    hope yr long break today isant dragging to much,take advantage of the time to get ahead of all the ridiculous amount of reading we have to do lol see u very soon!! luv yaxx