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Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Wedding of River Song

As promised, the review of 'The Wedding of River Song'. Note: I am re-watching it while writing this, as I have kind of forgotten the episode! But, in theory, this means that the review will be more fact-packed and opinionated. But we shall see!

I loved the random, messed up time of London, with balloon cars and Dickens on BBC Breakfast. Also, I imagine the pterodactyls as giant pigeons. And Churchill? Love him, in a strange way. I liked how they bought him back as an important character. One thing, what does SPQR stand for?

The Silence has always interested me. At first, I thought they were a species, but even after Robot Amy told the Doctor they weren't, I have associated the tall green men in suits as the species. But the eye-patches are used to remember their image, which is very clever. However, it did still creep me out a little to see Amy and Rory wearing them, as I have associated the eye-patch with the evil midwife.

Oh, it did make me sad and incredibly happy that the Doctor mentioned Rose and Jack. And the Brigadier! I welled up a little. So sad that the phone call was what it took for the Doctor to realise it was his time. 'My friends have always been the best of me.' Oh Doctor, why does it take your death to realise that you are never alone? You have all these wonderful friends who love you. And will not let you die.

I'm not sure I will go over every detail concerning the Doctor and River at the Lake but I will just say this: the Doctor's face when he is expecting to die is hilarious!

Amy and Rory. I do love them, even though a lot of the episodes lately seem to revolve around them, which is growing tiresome. But the train-office? Awesome! For a genius, the Doctor really is quite slow sometimes, isn't he? How do I look? Cool. Really? No. And the drawing of Rory? That just cracked me up. I loved how even in the wrong time, Rory still protects Amy to the death and, of course 'Die one last time and know she will never come back for you'. But she did!

Save Madame Kovarian because the Doctor would? No, because the Doctor is not a mother who had his child taken from him. Amy did. I don't think she made the wrong decision at all.

I have to say, in this episode, River was almost genuinely likeable. I really felt for her because who could kill the person they loved? Even if not killing them meant the end of time. The only thing though, I am assuming that during the Doctor's running away, he had that 200 hundred years with River. So her loving him is justified and they have somewhat made up for lost time, if you catch my drift and ignore the pun? Oh, I love a good romance! The Doctor and River's wedding, a match made across time and space, the circle is complete and other clich├ęd nonsense. 

I liked the ending. Because through the whole series, it almost seemed like River didn't care but she did, she just couldn't tell them, so I loved that River came back to her current time line and filled Amy in with her Tardis diary.

Re-watching the episode has made me realise: the answer was there all along! How didn't I see the twist with the Teselecta? It makes me both angry at myself and proud of the writers. It also made me realise how did the Doctor go back to the Teselecta to be a robot if while he was running, he went to the version where River doesn't kill him? Did that make sense? Probably not. Oh, I just thought, maybe all the way through the story, the Doctor telling Churchill and the wrong time-line and everything, he was the robot? That makes more sense!

Yes, this episode wasn't as good as others but it was necessary to answer the questions, fill in the blanks and so on. So, all in all, I loved it. The question is 'Doctor who?' yes? So, my question is, why is the Doctor so important, so dangerous, and so suddenly, that the Silence tried to have him killed? See, more questions than answers with Doctor Who, but that's the way I love it! And now, of course, he has to be quiet, step back into the shadows, essentially not be such a show-off. I wonder how long that will last?

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  1. SPQR has something to do with ancient Rome and the Senate of the Roman Republic. (I love how ancient history comes in handy sometimes haha)
    I love Churchill too. I think he is great :)
    I already wrote about this so yeah, I don't have much else to say.