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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Closing Time

I realise I haven't really been reviewing the recent episodes of Doctor Who but last night's episode was so good, I feel like I have to!

First of all, I was really excited for this episode purely for the return of Craig. I adore James Corden and he is really good alongside Matt Smith. His character is adorable and he just seems to get the Doctor, he understands him more that the Doctor does himself. Point proven when Craig says 'He needs someone, he just can't admit it'. Craig and his son were adorable, 'not mummy' was hilarious and I actually love that the Doctor can speak baby, it makes his conversation with Craig and Alfie so funny.

The story was good - I feel that the Cybermen aren't as overexposed as the Daleks so I was pleased to see them. The silver rat was gross and scary in a 'holy crap that was fast' kind of way. It was also clever how they were under rather than in the sky.

What else? Oh well, Amy and Rory was really cute, I liked how Amy had moved on and made a name for herself - it was also really cute how the Doctor looked both proud and sad at the headline.

And I think lastly, the ending, the nice little twist that wasn't really a twist - I knew Craig was going to save himself but I didn't think that it would be Alfie crying that would bring him back. And his 'simplistic' explanation was so Disney-esque that it was cute.

Oh, no, the actual ending, with River and eye-patch lady. I think the only thing I can say about that is: weird and somewhat predictable. Come on, we knew River was going to be the astronaut!

Missed anything? Any thoughts? Let me know in the comments... oh wait, that's YouTube. Meh, you know what I mean.

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  1. I was so annoyed the Doctor sort of hid behind a clothes rack instead of saying hi. I mean, I know why he did it but the Rory appreciation life that I live wanted more Rory, you know? :P

    And when the Doctor started telling Craig about how he was going to die...oh my gosh. I was crying. Like, I know Matt Smith is signed for the next season but I hate knowing that his death is around the corner. It was like David Tennant's last episodes. Every little thing made me tear up because I knew he wasn't going to be around much longer.

    Oh and I loved how Craig gave the Doctor his Stetson.

    Also, I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to see Matt playing soccer again or, you know, be practically naked ;P

    I'd also like to know about the brown coat he has been wearing, what is the significance of that? Is it just in preparation for the last episode, like as a constant reminder that the end is nigh? Thoughts?

    I've taken to writing notes during the episode to make sure I remember what happened, just in case I wanted to write about it but I forgot this time because I wasn't feeling well. Uh, annoying, I feel as if I should have had much more to say about this episode.

    One last thing, why is there only 12 episodes this season? I feel cheated. I want more Doctor Who!

    And (this is the last thing, I promise), what do you think about the 'filler' episodes that were on the last two(?) weeks? I personally loved them.

    Ok sorry for the essay, this could have been a blog post in itself.