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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Simply Follow The Owls

So, J.K Rowling's Pottermore annoucement was revealed a few hours ago and I have just watched the video again, this time without shaking with excitement. I for one am beyond excited for this project and I cannot wait until October to find out more. What I like about the video is that Jo spoke directly to us, the fans, describing us "as enthusiastic and inventive as ever".

She also said thank you. To us, the readers. Really, Jo? We love you and all, more than you can possibly imagine, so I think it should be us thanking you for the literary miracle you have written for the world.

Describing the Harry Potter fans as a "wonderful, diverse and loyal readership" is simply beyond amazing. And boy, does she have a way with words! That is the perfect way to describe Harry Potter fans, because true fans are loyal to the story and characters - the fans are as important to the author as the story is to the fans.

One last thing: "additional information I've been hoarding for years". What? WHAT? I cannot express my excitement and surprise and... oh my God, I want to know now! October cannot come quickly enough!

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