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Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Good Man Goes To War

Obviously, spoilers ahead. Do not recommend reading if you haven't watched the episode yet.

So, can anyone say mindf*ck? Overall, I loved the episode. It was complex, engaging, both funny and cute moments and just everything that good Doctor Who should be. So, some notes that I can't be bothered to put into full sentences:

  • Loved the poem/verse thing about Demons Run - a nice little motto for life kind of thing and successfully summarises most of the Doctor's adventures
  • Eye-patch lady is a pretty scary villain in the way she was so cold
  • Rory with the cybermen kicked ass! On that subject, loved the question "Where is my wife?" plus the message from the Doctor (aka the explosion). That was the best moment for Rory so far, in my opinion. 
  • Amy's little monologue to her daughter was heart-warming and emotional and so good. Karen Gillan's acting  has been and continues to be amazing in this series.
  • Loved how the Doctor recruited all those people - the good guys from all the villains from past adventures
  • The future army/clerics reminds me of the stereotypical image of the trigger-happy US Army of today 
  • The headless monks were incredibly creepy - the tied neck after the hood, oh my God, that was terrifying! 
  • Melody - first off, such a beautiful name. Second, loved how Rory was so proud and how adorable he looked when he was holding her. Third, I was thinking about Amy's "time-head" comment at the beginning of the series and was kind of right - because she was conceived in the time vortex, she was influenced and whatnot to Time and Space, thus Time Lord DNA. Nice twist, Moffat! 
  • Now that I think about it, were we actually told why eye-patch lady wanted Amy's daughter? I know it had something about making her a weapon against the Doctor, but what did the Doctor do to be so scary in the first place? Or am I just missing the point that it's the Doctor's legacy that they are so frightened of? 

Now, the ending. The truth. Surprisingly, some of my friends and I had actually theorised that River was Amy's daughter.I liked how it was explained through the translations as well, it stopped it being rushed out in one breath. For one horrible moment, I thought the Doctor was going to run away and we wouldn't know! Oh, and his mime for kissing Amy's daughter: hilarious! Matt Smith's expressions have always been priceless but his mix of shock and pleasure when he found out the truth was just brilliant.

Of course, I have missed a few points and I'm sure I could find loads more to talk about but I am going to stop there. And the 'Coming soon', did you see it? A skeletal hand holding the sonic screwdriver! Who, what, how, huh? We have to wait until autumn to find out; September can't come quickly enough!

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  1. I think the point of using Amy's daughter as a weapon was because of the Doctor's legacy. Honestly, that didn't make much sense to me either. I felt like there should be a more definite reason besides the fact that they are just afraid of him. It seems a little silly to me. But I guess that's why I'm not a crazy villian.