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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Harry Potter Musings

As you may be aware, I live in England, you know the small island off the coast of Europe? Yeah, that's the one - the home of Doctor Who, Harry Potter and the Beatles. Unfortunately, the Harry Potter fandom seems to be much more... centred over the other side of the pond. They have LeakyCon, WrockStock, most of the Wrock bands, the Wizarding World etc. And at this point, I cannot help but feel a little resentful. Of the US having all the theme parks and HP fandom gatherings while I actually find it hard to find true Harry Potter fans my age who are willing to admit it!

Anyway, my point was that I am insanely jealous of this year's LeakyCon, even more than I have been past years. Because this is it. The last one. Hopefully without sounding whiny, I just want to express the unfairness of British people, those from the home of Harry Potter, being unable, or least finding it a whole lot more difficult, to experience more extravagant HP-themed outings and share the joy with more HP fans.

There, I am done.

Now, onto the next subject: the last movie. Even though I can't go to LeakyCon or the Wizarding World (yet), I am going to the midnight showing of the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at my local, most expensive cinema with my boyfriend and two best friends. Also, despite living in the UK, where people my age aren't willing to admit to liking, or sometimes even reading, Harry Potter, I will be wearing my Slytherin tie and carrying my wand with pride tomorrow night. Because it is my last chance to do so. Oh, wow, I actually got teary typing that sentence! I am honestly not sure if that is dedicated or just plain sad!

I am aware that I haven't written a post in a while and for that I apologise. On the other hand, I doubt many people noticed or even cared so I am not going to bother explaining why - not that I have a specific reason. So, that said, I am going to go watch the Big Band Theory with my boyfriend and I will undoubtedly post on Friday. The day it all ends! *crys*

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  1. I will admit to loving and reading HP. Fan and proud!! :) I counldn;t believe that I left it too late to get tickets for Friday. I'm going to have to wait! :o

    Have an awesome time in your Slytherin tie!