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Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon

Yes, as I said yesterday, I have returned in the month of May to review the first two episodes of series 6 of Doctor Who. Now, I must mention now, if you didn't already guess, there will be quite a few spoilers for both episodes so if you haven't watched them, well what they hell are you reading this for?

Last week, I did mention a few things on the first episode didn't I? Let's have a look at those, so I don't have to repeat myself.
  • River kind of annoyed me when she was being all high and mighty about spoilers and timelines
  • I did pick up on the Doctor's age inconsistency
  • I guessed that Amy was pregnant, then wasn't sure because River said she felt sick too, then knew Amy was pregnant anyway
  • my boyfriend thought Amy would say it was the Doctor's but I shushed him quickly
  • the girl's voice was a little bit creepy and I so did not expect her to be in the astronaut suit
  • I am assuming that the alien is The Silence - also, he looked like a dementor in the bathroom scene
  • Rory was a little bit too wimpy at the beginning but then I warmed up to him, even though this forgetfulness is really starting to creep me out 
  • Anyone else recognise the half-way built Tardis from 'The Lodger' in the tunnels?
  • I can't believe Amy shot her! I refuse to believe Amy shot her and actually killed her!

Oh, look at that! I was right about Amy not killing the girl... oh, and the Doctor noticed the similarities of that half-built Tardis from 'The Lodger'! And the Silence! Still at creepy as ever. I did like the little montage bit of 'The Silence' following the Doctor through time as well.  

I thought it was incredibly clever how they sped up the time and let the audience catch up to the three months lost between episodes - it was a little confusing (that might have something to do with me eating dinner at the same time) but really well done.

Just quickly, while the marks and crosses on their faces really creeped me out, I think I've just worked it out. Unless I'm completely wrong, is it their way of counting how many Silence's they saw so they wouldn't forget? Because we never saw them mark their skin, so they don't remember doing it, suggesting they did it while they were looking at the Silence. Clever, huh?

Onto River. Last week, I did say she was annoying me and her flirting with the Doctor was both funny and inappropriate but I loved Amy when she interrupted them. And the kiss at the end? Holy crap! That solves that mystery! Yeah, after that, I'm beginning to warm to the theory that River is the Doctor's wife or something. And I did love her when she was kicking the Silence's butt with her sonic-Nerf gun. That was awesome.

Poor Rory, feeling left out and forgotten when Amy was talking through the telepathic red thing. I felt really sorry for him; I suppose he was always felt secondary to the Doctor in Amy's life but she couldn't not love him and his stupid face!

Oh, Canton. He was really good at saving the world, even though he is a trigger-happy American. I loved how he just trusted the Doctor's plan, even though he didn't understand it, especially with Amy's camera phone. Even I was confused at that - never do really understand the Doctor's plans though.

The writing. I think it's a good Doctor Who episode when I really have to think to keep with the Doctor's thinking and planning, his twists and turns throughout the story. I thought it was ridiculously clever to weave our own history into the Doctor's world, it makes it so much more real.

Now, the ending. The little girl? Amy's daughter? I actually kind of love her - she looked so adorable and, to me at least, it seemed that even though she couldn't say it, she was just trying to save and/or help Amy in the orphanage. And her being some sort of Time Lady? What and how is that? Was Amy right, that her baby will be born with a time head? Or will it not be that simple? Maybe the Doctor's DNA gets into Amy somehow, whether it be an accident or not, who knows? One thing though, I can't wait to see how they resolve that!

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  1. I couldn't believe that last bit with Amy's daughter. I'm also really excited to see how they resolve it.