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Friday, 23 March 2012

Were versus Vamp

Yes, this is another "versus" post, and for that I apologise for the bad timing but this story? Completely true and worth it.

Last week, my boyfriend and I were watching Van Helsing, and I was interrupting with comments on its similarities (or not) with the books, and his little brother came in and watched parts of it with us. At some point, little brother asked me whether I'd rather be a werewolf or a vampire. Without even thinking, I answered vampire. He groaned, knowing I have a slight obsession with the mythological creatures of the night and we argued for and against vampires.

I said that, being a woman, I would be the ultimate seductress - I love that about vampires - but The Boyfriend had to ruin it by saying that male vampires are like that too. I am aware of this, but I don't care so much because I want to be the vampire, not just meet and be seduced by one.

I also argued that being a werewolf, you would have to transform painfully into another creature. The Little Brother said that being a girl, I would have two painful experiences a month. I had not thought of this - who would? - but it actually made me cringe and laugh because it is very true and another reason why, given the choice, I would never be a werewolf!

This leads me onto another quick story about vampires. One of my modules this year is on the Gothic genre and we have just started studying Dracula. You can see where this is going can't you? The few of my friends who read my blog can attest to this: my teacher is weird. Like really, genuinely insane. But in a good way. He is slightly obsessed with the Gothic, with vampires and blood, sexuality and innuendos. So our seminars are always good fun! Anyway, it Tuesday morning. 9 o'clock start, I hadn't woken up properly yet, and we were discussing the meaning and symbolism of blood in Dracula. Always a fun topic, especially when we go off on one and argue about the route of the phrase 'blue blood' and bring Trueblood and Harry Potter into this - you know, vampires and pure bloods? Keep up!

We talk about the greatest things with Bill in Gothic but seriously? We discussed Arthur's double meaning of Lucy's blood transfusions - he wanted to be the first one inside her, dammit! - and repeated "That's so" so much it was beginning to sound weird. It was fun and slightly gross but at least it woke me up!

Next time: I'm going to see The Hunger Games on Sunday so hopefully a review of some kind will follow in the next few days.

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  1. I'd rather be a vamp as well (: I've always liked vampires, they're a lot cooler than werewolves. Besides, like you said, the chaning sounds painful.