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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Employability, or Depress Us With Adulthood

Yesterday, we had an Employability seminar. We have had a few of these this year and they mainly serve to teach us to plan for the future. Content ranges from CV's to networking. In fact, yesterday was our second lecture on networking.

This never fails to depress me. I am a naturally shy person - I feel better typing than talking, unless I genuinely know the person - so when we are forced to practice our 'Elevator Pitch', I die a little inside. For those of you who do not know, an Elevator Pitch is a hypothetical situation when you have roughly 30 seconds to sell yourself to your ideal employer. And I mean "sell yourself" in the most innocent sense!

Anyway, networking. This means using social or professional contacts to further your career. I want to go into publishing. The best contacts, I've got is my dad who works in roofing and my uncle who's a postman! my current network sucks!

And so, I am not above asking random strangers, anyone got any idea how to get into publishing/ editing? Considering I am a complete newbie?

In other news, I dyed my hair purple over the weekend. My hair is so dark, you can only really tell in direct sunlight!

Wow, this turned out a lot shorter than I thought it would - oh well, I've said all I wanted to. Until next time (when hopefully I'll have a better story to tell)!


  1. You could get Twitter and start stalking to publishers on there.

  2. I meant talking, not stalking, obviously.