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Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Hunger Games

Dear readers and fans of the book,
       This review is likely to contain things that you would recognise from the book and therefore may not be considered spoilers but you have been warned! I will mostly be looking at how the movie compares to the book and their interpretations of the parts I love. It will also come to you mostly in bullet points as I cannot be bothered with full sentences.

- District 12 and the Hob were just as I imagined them - they were perfectly depressing, if you know what I mean!
- The Reaping was somewhat grander than I imagined. It was impressive how they all dressed up and Effie looked incredible - I cried a little at Prim and Katniss' obvious love for each other
- The Capitol was incredible - the costumes and the make-up really highlighted the Capitol's need for fashion and colour. Not to mention the extremeness of some of the Capitol's citizens!
- The tribute's entrance was amazing, so much more than I anticipated. And their costumes were just... wow! I have to admit, I really did not get all the other District's "thing", as it were, from their costumes - but I can't remember most of them anyway!
- Oh, the interviews. Cinna really bought out the confidence in Katniss and their relationship was presented really well, especially her searching for his face in the audience. And Peeta was even better than I thought! I don't know if it was the acting or what, but Josh Hutcherson hit the nail on the head all the way through.
- I loved the occasional interruptions by Casaer and Claudius' commentary of the Games - it reinforced that the Games are for the Capitol's enjoyment and it is just reality TV gone wrong - plus it helped to replace some of Katniss' narrative, like explaining the tracker jackers
- Rue was just incredible. She was lovely and small, and her hiding in training was really funny. Her alliance with Katniss was adorable - you can tell Katniss was reminded on Prim, especially when she curled up asleep next to her. I cried at her death and Katniss' reaction was just perfect, not to mention the flowers.
- The cave by the river scene was brilliant and adorable - and Peeta's camouflage was awesome!
- Haymitch - especially loved the little notes he sent Katniss - 'You call that a kiss?' - and seeing him getting them sponsers showed his dedication to them both, which you didn't really get in the beginning
- Oh, the nightlock. I have no words for how amazing Katniss and Peeta was in that scene

Small nitpicks:
- I have no idea why the Capitol pricked the kids fingers at the reaping
- The mutts didn't have the tributes eyes
- Really wanted Katniss to call out Peeta's name at the rule change but that's just me

Ok, I'm running out of adjectives so I'm gonna leave you with my final opinion: film adaptation of the Hunger Games = incredible!

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