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Friday, 16 September 2011

The Poor Student's Life

Before I get too far into this, I think it would be fair to warn you this post will be a bitch and whine about money and university. So, feel free to leave - I can't promise this will interest you but I'm sure I'll manage to entertain you, if only due to be my childish moaning. 

Still with me? Oh, thank you!

I haven't started my second year of university yet, I have another two weeks before I have to go to register and sit through induction talks. However, you would not believe how much money I have forked out* for the start of this year! Trust me to pick what is most likely one of the most expensive courses in higher education! 

You may recall me telling you about the modules I took last year? And did I tell you about the one's this year? I can't remember so I am just going to say that last year I took four modules and this year I am taking five. Not by choice, I may add: each module counts for a certain amount of credits and you need a certain amount of credits to pass the year, thus five modules. Anyway, five modules, yes? And for each module, I have to buy at least four new books. Averaged out, each book probably cost about a fiver, yes? So, five times four times five...? I don't know, maths wasn't and still isn't my strong point. My point is I have only bought about half of the books I need for this year and I spent over one hundred pounds! Get that? £100! And I still need to spend more on the rest of my books! Excuse me while I just mourn for any chance of a social life this year. 

That is not even the end! I also need another student rail card, which is £26 and a bus pass which is £90! Seriously, do they think we are made of money? Add that to the tuition fee and train tickets and food and drinks and clothes and I don't even have to pay rent! 

*Screams into a pillow* Ooh, ok. I'm done. I know I am lucky to have generous parents willing to let me stay at home and feed me (most of the time) but it does not stop it from being frustrating to watch your money slip steadily out of your hands and  not being able to do anything about it. 

So, some advice? If you're planning on attending university or collage, I'm not going to talk you out of it, but definitely listen to financial advice and save your money! Even if you get a loan, you will need to pay it back!   Just, stay money conscious and hopefully you will never have to watch your bank account go into the red... 

Ok, I'm going to stop myself from getting preachy and just thank you if you managed to read all of that.  

*For those unfamiliar with this phrase, 'forking out' means spending money when you don't necessarily want to. 


  1. I absolutely know how this feels, uni is so expensive :(