"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" ~Albus Dumbledore

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Harry Potter Challenge

So... this is kind of awkward. I feel like I haven't seen you guys (you know, all two of you... if I'm lucky) in quite a while. Not a lot has happened since I went to Deathly Hallows midnight showing. I have caught up with my friends, went on holiday with my family for a week and what I tend to be doing a lot: sitting on my boyfriend's bed with his laptop, watching him yell at the Xbox. Yeah, I lead a fun life. Alright, stop laughing.

Anyway, since I haven't been on this almost forgotten Blog for a while, and I am late for BEDA - which I wasn't going to bother with anyway, my life is too boring - I thought I would share with you this 30 day challenge I found the other day. But you know, most of these questions would be too short for a blog post so what do you say we just spin it out for one long post, yeah? No? Tough, I'm doing it anyway!

Here we go, the Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge!

One - favourite book? I have always considered The Deathly Hallows my favourite book, mostly because it wraps up the storyline and explains everything; all the confusing little plot lines and events suddenly become clear and meaningful!
Two - favourite movie? I think The Prisoner of Azkaban - I love seeing Lupin and Sirius in the flesh and for the most part, its one of the movies that stay true to the book.
Three - which film made you angry? Well! Order of the Phoenix was the one that when I came out of the cinema, I said, 'Was that it?' I feel it misses out too much of what makes that particular book - saying that, I loved seeing Luna in that film.
Four - least favourite female character? Hmm, that's tough. I can't really think of anyone. I just asked The Boyfriend who he doesn't like and he said Umbridge. my response? 'Oh yeah. I kind of forget she's female!' So, yeah, Umbridge is my least favourite female character.
Five - least favourite male character? Although I don't "hate" anyone really strongly, even Voldemort I like in the sense that I think he is a good character, I'm going to go with Filch. He just always appears really creepy and weird to me.
Six - what house would you be in? Slytherin. I am drawn to this house because I am ambitious in getting what I want, I am a good liar, I am cunning and have a sick sense of humour.
Seven - favourite female character? Hermione. Or Luna. Love them both.
Eight - favourite subject at Hogwarts? I want to say Potions because it doesn't involve remembering incantations but I think I would be too squirmy to handle all the ingredients. So I am going to go with ... Care of Magical Creatures.
Nine - favourite male character? Sometimes Ron for his humour. Sometimes Draco or Snape for their snappy retorts.
Ten - horcruxes or Hallows? Hallows. Easy. Horcruxes creep me out.
Eleven - which character do you relate to? I think I relate to Luna most - I am quite weird and wonderful which means quite a few people almost avoid me because of it. Also I was bullied at school, so I can relate to Luna having her stuff stolen. But I was never as brave as her to ask for it back.
Twelve - favourite pairing? I like all the normal ones, you know Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione, even Neville/Luna. However, I have been known to read Hermione/Draco and Hermione/Severus. I can't help it, it's weird but it works!
Thirteen - least favourite movie? Not sure I have a least favourite movie. Like I said, OotP was the movie I was least impressed with, so I'm gonna go with OotP.
Fourteen - Voldemort or Harry? Harry Potter, every time.
Fifteen - who would be your best friend at Hogwarts? Probably Luna. We would go hunting for Nargles together.
Sixteen - favourite Professor? Despite being strict, I think I'd like Professor McGonagall. And I adore Professor Lupin. I think he'd be my teacher crush.
Seventeen - what would your wand be made of? I remember doing a quiz once for this but I can't for the life of me remember what the answer was! So, I'm going to go do another one, be right back. ... Well, I got 8.5", Mahogany, Dragon Heartstring - I can live with that.
Eighteen - least favourite book? I don't think I have a least favourite. I like all of them for different reasons and they all have a good story.
Nineteen - prefer books or films? They both have their benefits but the books were first. It is great having the movies to see your favourite characters embodied though.
Twenty - who would you like to meet from the cast? Emma Watson. And Alan Rickman. And Evanna Lynch. Quite a lot of them actually!
Twenty-one - which character would you bring back to life? First, I was going to say Dobby or Hedwig but thinking about it, I want to bring Lily back. I really like her character and it would be really good for Harry to actually know his mother.
Twenty-two - Harry Potter or Twilight? What kind of stupid question is that? HP for the win!
Twenty-three - Any part of the books/films made you cry? Nearly all the death scenes in both books and films.
Twenty-four - any scene you wished was in the movie? Pretty much anything with Peeves.
Twenty-five - satisfied with the epilogue? Not completely impressed that it appears only Neville has a job but other than that? Yes, very.
Twenty-six - favourite spell? Lumos - I'm afraid of the dark. Or Accio because I'm lazy.
Twenty-seven - which Hallow would you rather own? Ooh, Invisibility Cloak. The Resurrection Stone would make me sad and the Elder Wand comes with way too much power and responsibility.
Twenty-eight - who would be your nemesis at Hogwarts? Either Pansy Parkinson because she is an overall bitch or Draco Malfoy because he is a stuck-up bully.
Twenty-nine - what you like as a job after Hogwarts? I don't know... not in the Ministry that's for sure!
Thirty - how much has Harry Potter affected you and your life? Harry Potter has been a constant in my life since I was eleven. I want to say that I was immediately a fan but I don't think I was. I do remember, for some strange reason, curling up under my desk to read The Philosopher's Stone when I was about twelve. Although I have only become a proper HP nerd in the last few years, The Boy Who Lived has always been there for me to fall back on.

So that was fun! Feel free to steal and have a go yourself - link me if you do, I'd love to read your responses!


  1. heres a link to mine : http://ilikeacidpops.blogspot.com/2011/08/pottermore-beta-harry-potter-30-day.html

  2. I love Draco/Hermione fanfic! there's something so wrong about it, that it's right!