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Friday, 15 July 2011

Part Two: It All Ends

As promised, my review/account/showing-off of my experience watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at midnight. I will now take this opportunity to say: spoilers of both the movie and the book (obviously).

I have never been to a midnight showing before. That in itself made the experience different in an brilliant way. The cinema was packed with Hogwarts students, witches and wizards, Deathly Hallow symbols and even a Hagrid. I myself dressed as a Slytherin student, although my friends didn't join me. Just being in a screening where everyone cheered for the Wizarding World advert and someone yelled Reducto at 3D butterflies was awesome!

Anyway, the film itself. I don't want to give too much away, because it is an adaptation of the book and therefore a little different in the way they interpreted it onto the big screen. So, let's just stick to some key points, shall we?

The first part was the break-in at Gringotts. Although I felt the whole planning aspect of it was pretty much skipped over, I can understand why they didn't want to waste time on them sitting round a table talking when we could be watching them riding a dragon. Hermione as Bellatrix was brilliantly acted and really funny - just how I expected it.

Pretty much the last two-thirds was the Battle of Hogwarts and everything that happened there: Aberforth, the Room of Requirement, the Grey Lady, Snape and the Prince's Tale, Harry's Kings Cross Station etc.

  • So, Aberforth: exactly how I imagined him. Didn't give him as much credit as in the book - skipped over the whole family history talk - but still showed his importance in the Final Battle. 
  • Room of Requirement - all the students, hurt but not defeated - loved it. Luna and Neville was just amazing throughout the whole Battle. And the fiendfyre with Draco, Goyle and Zabini: a little bit terrifying but really good. 
  • The Grey Lady? Scary ghost, really scary! Just you wait!
  • Ah, the Prince's Tale. Snape's death ... isn't exactly like the book but somehow almost better. They got all the important memories, especially the one that really made me cry which was Snape showing Dumbledore his doe Patronus. 'Lily? After all this time?' / 'Always.' I fell in love with Alan Rickman all over again watching him play Severus's memories. 
  • Oh my God, Harry's confrontation with Voldemort was really good. You Know Who was super crazy towards the end and the Death Eaters were just insane. And Dumbledore in Kings Cross was superbly done, I'm impressed. Oh, but watch out for the 'little boy', you know under the seat? *shudders* Scary. And Dumbledore got his line! You should know the one I mean!
  • And the actual Battle? Most of it was covered with explosions of spells and falling stone. Apparently, they chose not to show the heroes actual deaths but for Harry to see them in the make-shift infirmary. I cried seeing Tonks and Lupin nearly holding hands and the Weasley's mourning Fred. 
Oh my God, I almost forgot! Ron and Hermione! We see them in the Chamber of Secrets! Don't want to ruin it, but seriously, I loved it. 

As usual, I have missed out loads of important bits and pieces that really tied the film together and made it, what I think to be, one of the best book adaptations ever. I adored this film and am just amazingly proud of them for making this film, probably the most important film of the series, as true to the book as possible, getting all the good bits in (Molly and Bellatrix's fight? Awesome!) and making me cry, just like I knew I would. 

Harry Potter fans, the films may be over but for us, the importance of Harry's world will never end. (Sorry, just had to be said)

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