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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Spare Time

I am currently sitting in the library on campus, waiting for my English lecture. Unfortunately, it doesn't start for another hour and a half. Therefore, I am at an ends as to what to do with all my free time. This seems to happen a lot during the week, when I have an hour or two free between lectures. What I am supposed to do, on a half empty campus, when all I have on me is a pad of paper and my lunch? I feel like I should accomplish something with all this time but for the life of me, I cannot. I am separated by miles from my laptop, my work and my bed.
Lucky for some, my friend Sarah, who is sat next to me, can work on her notes for her presentation this afternoon. In a group that cannot decide on anything and she has barely met up with - but that is another rant all together.
Is this what my university life has come to? Wasting my time until lunch by writing a half-hearted blog post? That doesn't seem fair. And yet, I will continue nonetheless.
In other news, my memory stick, the one that has contained most, if not all, of my documents for the last three years, got smashed yesterday. The cord was tugged by an unsuspecting foot and the laptop flew off my lap onto the floor, crushing my poor memory stick under it. I believe I am actually in mourning for the poor thing sat on my boyfriend's bookshelf awaiting diagnosis. I cried for my diaries and stories that are now lost for probably the better part of an hour yesterday.
Well, I have successfully wasted half an hour, between writing this and helping Sarah with her presentation notes. Wish her luck and express your condolences for my dying memory stick.


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  2. You could also come and waste time with me. I do live on campus... You might ahve to drag me out of bed first, however.