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Sunday, 28 November 2010

HP and DH1

Like most blogs, posts, videos and chats lately, mine will just be another to the mix of reviews of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One. I went to see it this morning and while it is still fresh in my memory, I might as well write all I can about it.

*Warning! Spoilers!*

Now, I don’t want to bore anyone with every detail about it I can remember so I’ll just stick to a few points (she says before getting too carried away).
- The opening sequence, with Hermione Obiviating her parents, I thought was really well done. The Dursley’s departure was a bit anti-climatic but not incredibly important so I can let that one slide.
- The seven Potters and the journey to the Burrow was really well done and quite scary. Hedwig’s death was sort of brushed over – as was Mad Eye’s – but at least she died trying to protect Harry.
- Harry and Ginny in the kitchen was, for me anyway, incredibly awkward – and Ginny was a bit forward kissing him like that – but George was awesome. Speaking of which, I’m really glad George got his “I’m holey” moment. That made me smile.
- Harry and Hermione dancing in the tent after Ron left was really good, in a ‘defuse the tension’ sort of way, even if Harry’s dancing was terrible.
- Nagini morphing and coming out of Bathilda was the creepiest thing I have ever seen.
- The horcrux was amazing, if a little over dramatic. I really liked the Ron’s visions, even if Harry and Hermione making out like that was cringe-worthy. I think that really proved Ron’s loyalty to both of them that he managed to destroy it.
- The Tale of the three brothers was very Tim Burton. I really liked it and I thought it was brave of them to do it like that.
- Malfoy Manor was incredibly well done. Hermione was brilliant and I was really happy to see Luna. Ron’s face said it all when Hermione was screaming.
- Dobby. Incredible. I cried.

- I don’t think a Death Eater meeting could possibly be that casual. Although the Malfoys did look appropriately scared for themselves when You-Know-Who came too close. 
- I’m a little bit miffed we didn’t see evidence that Snape had been in Sirius’ room, although the room itself was really good, even if we only saw it for a few seconds.
- The sign outside the Potter’s house. I really wanted to see that because it summed up for Harry that he really wasn’t alone and that what he was doing was for everyone in the Wizarding World.
- Luna’s room. Enough said.

Overall, I loved it. I came out happy that they stuck so well to the book’s plot. And of course really proud to be a true HP fan.

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  1. sure! I don't mind if you join me, then we can compare what we saw of the books/films.