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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The bane of my very existence...

... is fast becoming presentations. In the next three weeks, I have to three presentations for three different classes. Now, apart from the fact that I literally hate giving presentations because I have major stage fright, normally, I can deal. This is due to the fact that I will not be the only one stood at the front of the class, there will be three other people suffering with me. Under normal circumstances, this is great: share the workload, share the speaking, share the marks. However, if, for instance, I say “we’ll meet up on Tuesday to put all our research together”, I kind of expect people to turn up on Tuesday with their work. What, I wonder, would be worse: everyone turning up but with unfinished work or no-one turning up?
Well, the latter happened to me today. By some miracle, I made it onto campus through the snow and ice, with my work, only to find no-one else from my group there. After waiting a reasonable amount of time (maybe ten minutes) I did what seemed necessary: I bitched to my friends.
No, not really. Well, I did complain but then I took the high ground and emailed them all for them to send me their work, and I would put it together. Because, let’s face it, otherwise, it would never happen.
I can only hope this doesn’t happen with my other presentations. Well, wish me luck!

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  1. I hate presentations too.

    You'd never guess, but I do exactly the same course as you at BSU! I really want to know who you are!