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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Vampires and Hell

Hey guys.

So this will be a quick one, just to let you know I'm still alive, if anyone was missing me which they probably weren't.

I have an exam tomorrow. My last of two for this year. Thank God I picked modules without too many exams! My first exam last week went pretty good. It was seen, which means we had the question a week beforehand, but we were not allowed to take any notes in so I had to memorise my essay plan, which surprisingly I managed to do! I am only half confident on tomorrow's exam. Seen again and able to take notes in but I think I will only be able to be properly coherent and argumentative on one of the questions, not both. Want to know what I'm writing about? I thought so.

One question is about vampire fiction's criticism - I am looking at Carmilla ( from In A Glass Darkly) and Dracula, discussing erotic language and vampirism. The second question is about remote regions of the UK being just as fearful as the exotic Orient. Here, I will argue that neither are fearful but both draw on exotic description and horrific elements such as Hell. Pretty good, huh?

In other news, it's boiling hot in England right now. Probably not helping that I am not moving from the bed or the laptop, but meh. Too tired. After tomorrow, I will have the whole summer to relax and read all the books I've being putting off til after university's finished.

Apologises for the ramble. Any exams or final essays to submit before you can enjoy the sun? Until next time.

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