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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

To tweet or not to tweet?

Hey guys, it's been a while and my internet is buffering '2 Broke Girls' so I thought I'd do an update. By the way, anyone else been watching that? It is hilarious!

Apart from all the drama of trying to finish 2 essays this week - done one, by the way, nearly finished the second - I've been thinking about The Future! Imagine that in the booming voice that normally comes with things like Star Wars and you're good. My well-meaning but occasionally annoying mother wants me to start looking for work, volunteer or otherwise. I know I finish at the end of the month, but right now, I'm just trying to survive these essays and the impending exams!

The other thing I've been thinking about - and my friend Sophie has been nagging me about - is getting Twitter. I honestly don't see the appeal but according to Sophie it's a great way to get the attention of authors and publishers and reviewers, which would be perfect with my less-than-popular book review blog and my aspiration to get into publishing.

So. I looked it up earlier, even starting signing up. But the username I wanted to use (AwfulLofOfReading) is too long apparently. So now I don't know what to call myself. I don't want to officially go by my real name, I want to be known by my blog. So, any suggestions?

What else is new? I finished all lectures last week, which is apparently surprising to most people. Yeah, it is only May and I will have a long summer - that's the great thing about university! I have one more essay to finish, hand in one tomorrow and then next Tuesday. Actually, I have a few things to do up on campus next Tuesday - hand in my last essay, tutorial and pick up my exam. Ahh, the joys of seen exams!

Ok, I think that's about it. A lot shorter than I thought but seriously - twitter name! Until next time.

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