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Monday, 28 March 2011

The Future

What a scary topic.

People always ask you want you want to be when you grow up. As a kid, your hopes usually aspire to be grown up, as shown by the cutest pictures of you in your parents over-sized shoes and hats. When I was young, I can remember wanting to be a designer, a librarian, an artist, an actress, a writer and many more. It appears as a child, I had a flair for the artistic, if family videos of me making an entire house out of Duplo have anything to say about it.

Going into secondary school, my artistic flair flagged somewhat. Maybe it was due to the bullying and alienation I suffered or maybe I just realised that my talent in the arts had stopped at eleven-year-old level. Something stuck with me though: my talents in English. I have a strong memory of being in English class at age twelve and being the only one not having to do a spontaneous grammar test because I didn't making any mistakes. So I went down to the school library and read Tracy Beaker instead.

This might have been a sign, as I am now studying English Literature at degree level. But now that I am here, people want to know where I plan to take that degree into the real world. Well, I don't know! I just got here! Give me a bloody chance to finish the first year, first!

Right now, my plans for the future include a lot of essays, a third year dissertation, a flat with my boyfriend, graduation and beyond that... not quite sure. I'd like to have a career in writing or publication. My dream job is to be an editor - all I'd have to is read all day and be grammar police. That is my idea of heaven!

So, in ten years time, as a nearly 30 year-old (scary thought), I would love to have my dream job as an editor, living in a nice house with my boyfriend with my own library and two cats. The only problem is getting there. But all the good things in life you have to work for, I guess.

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