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Monday, 18 June 2012

Snow White and the (really hot) Huntsman

So, the other day my friend and I went to the local cinema to watch Snow White and the Huntsman. Yeah. That happened.

I wasn't all that fussed about watching it, partly because the trailer was all action-based and not necessarily my thing, partly because I have a thing against Kristen Stewart. I don't know what it is, it's nothing personal but since Twilight, I get the impression that she can't express ... expressions. I'm not gonna say she can't act because they were moments in the movie - Snow White that is - that she was really good at playing the innocent princess but a lot of the time, she has this seemingly permanent smirk on her face and it annoys me.

Anyway, the movie was still pretty good. Chris Hemsworth was brilliant. I will admit, he is the main reason I watched this film. The evil queen was sufficiently creepy, her brother was just pervy and the seven dwarfs were adorably tough. Did you know that Blackbeard was one of them? That was a pleasant surprise!

Oh, I have to tell you this. At one point near the beginning, Snow White runs away from the evil queen by slipping down the sewer which opens out half way down a cliff into the sea. As she is tying up her skirts and preparing to jump, my friend leaned over and said 'No, don't do it Bella!' Don't know about you, depending on whether you've read or seen New Moon, but I found this hilarious!

In other news, I got some marks back after finishing second year. My core exam was pretty poor but considering I suck at exams, it wasn't that surprising. Still got a 2.1 overall, which I am pleased with. Also got my last essay of the year back: 58. Not too bad, considering I forgot to use secondary sources! Again, still got my 2.1 overall, so I'm happy =D

I believe that is about it. Hopefully, I will be going to see Benedict Cumberbatch play Frankenstein in an encore performance of last year's production on Thursday. It's a film, though, so we can't see him at the stage door or anything, which kind of sucks but still, it's Benedict Cumberbatch! So, with any luck, I will have an amazing review to give you next week. Until next time!

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