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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Fail of an adult?

The nerds out there reading this will probably be aware of a YouTuber called Charlieissocoollike. Yes? I feel like I need to warn you, or something, that I don't actually know him, I just watch his videos. It would be awesome to know him and Alex but unfortunately, I don't.

So, he has recently moved into a house with Alex Day. They are, what, 22 years old or something? Not entirely sure, but my point is, I am only a year or two younger than them. I still live with my parents and little brother. I have not moved away for university. I have not even moved house at all. The fact that most, if not all, of my friends and people I know my age have moved out in some form or another kind of makes me feel like a fail of an adult.

Yes, I am only 20, which does mean that technically, I've been an adult for two years, one of which I was still in sixth form. So, I'm not sure where this sudden feeling of fail has come from, but hit me it did. Hard.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this post. I don't want sympathy, or pity, or bitchiness over my so-called "sob stories". Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about my life; I don't have to pay rent, I don't have to fuss over the washing machine, half the time I don't even worry about what I'm eating for dinner! Yet, I do get the feeling that I am missing out on this little thing called "independence". I can take care of myself, I can dress myself and everything, but that feels somewhat redundant when you are still living with your parents.

I apologise for this random rambling of a post. Hopefully I will make more sense when I have recovered my brainpower after writing two essays in the last few weeks. Until next time. 


  1. You're not a fail, you just have a different experience of early adulthood to some others.

  2. I totally see what you are saying and I'm only 18! I've been watching this girl on YouTube, morganpaigeloves, and she moved out of home into an apartment with two guys and she's only 19! AND, I don't even think she lives in the same state as her parents. What even?!

    But don't worry, my cousin is 22 and is still living with his parents and has only just started looking for a job :P Hope that makes you feel better :P