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Saturday, 1 January 2011


 Yesterday, I posted a video on my rarely used YouTube channel, so called because I don’t post many videos and not many people watch them! In the video, I tried to summarize my 2010. It didn’t work very well. As I mentioned, the most important things of my 2010 was finished my A-levels and getting into university. But I did have a good year. Not many extraordinary things happened but looking back, it was a good year. Great, now I sound like I’m talking about wine.
Even though I turned 18 in late 2009, many of friends had their 18th birthdays in early 2010. I have bubbly, laughter filled memories of friends dressed up on the dance floor, plus birthday cake in English class. Also in January, I had my first lot of exams. Partly because I don’t want to relive the horror, partly because I can’t remember which ones I took when, I will skip this.
Once March hit, many of us realised the count down to final exams had started in earnest. Many free periods were spent in empty classrooms, pouring over notes and textbooks. Then, after we exhausted ourselves of work, we drew on the whiteboards.
The next few months passed in a flurry of paper, revision and exams. Once they were finally over, I let myself enjoy the longest summer I will most likely ever have.
My fondest memories of 2010 were during the summer months. I met up with friends and family, hunted for lions, went to prom, went to Legoland, went to Northern France, shopping trips, cinema trips etc. Relatively normal outings but they were fun.
We have now passed through summer all too quickly, and I needed to start preparing for university. Because I live within a radius of the university, I didn’t need to look for accommodation. But I did need to spend over £100 on set texts – trust me to pick the most expensive courses of English Literature. The last week of September, it was my first week of university. I was terrified. Through pure luck, I found friends quickly and bonded over nerdy similarities.
October now and it was my 19th birthday. I spent the day with old friends, eating Doctor Who birthday cake. Mother had planned an outing to the theatre for the following day to see John Barrowman in concert. *squee* It was one of the most amazing nights of my life!
October flowed into November. The only way I was aware of time and day was deadlines for essays.
The last month of 2010 and the only difference was that it was freezing. The last two weeks of term was spent huddled close to radiators and trying not to slip on ice.
So there you have it. My relatively normal, if slightly nerdy, existence of the last year. I hope you all had a great 2010 and an even better 2011.

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  1. hmmm. my 2010 was probably less exciting then yours but I think it was one of the most changing years in my life.

    creepy, my horoscope said " this year[2011] and the last year[2010] will be the most physically, and emotionally changing years in probably your hole life."

    how did i change? well i got really into writing music and singing and writing potterlinked songs. I guess I pretty much discovered I am probably gonna become a wizardrocker one day.